Terms & Condition

  • If users abuse the website or mobile app in any way, can terminate their account. "Termination" clause can inform users that their accounts would be terminated if they abuse our service.
  • If users can post content on our website or mobile app (create content and share it on our platform), we can remove any content they created if it infringes copyright. Our Terms and Conditions will inform users that they can only create and/or share content they own rights to. Similarly, if users can register for an account and choose a username, we can inform users that they are not allowed to choose usernames that may infringe trademarks, i.e. usernames like Google, Facebook, and so on.
  • We could cancel specific orders if a product price is incorrect. Our Terms and Conditions can include a clause to inform users that certain orders, at our vendors, can be canceled if the products ordered have incorrect prices due to various errors.